Would You Dive From 172 Feet? This Guy Did!

Watch these 6 divers attempt to beat the1983 World Record High Dive Challenge

Nobody likes jumping off the high diving board at a pool. It’s daunting, scary high, you usually belly flop, and your stomach gets red – it’s just a scary mess.

But that wasn’t the case for Rick Winters. 

During the 1983 World Record High Dive Challenge, hosted at the San Diego SeaWorld, Rick set the world record as the first person to attempt to successfully dive from the height of 172 feet (52 m). The height of 172 feet was an increase from the year prior’s world record. The 1982 high dive challenge height was 170 feet, which five divers attempted.

Even crazier – Rick Winters wasn’t the only preson to break this high dive world record that day! That’s right, Rick Winters was one of SIX divers that day! 

So, let’s dive in and check out these 6 daredevil record breakers!

First up, Rick Winters:

Following Rick Wniters was Rick Charls.

Looks like it was a big day for people named Rick!

Following the Ricks, two more divers attempted the record breaking dive.

The divers, Bruce Boccia and Mike Foley, both successfully completed the dive that day. 

Dana Kunze, who was 22 years old at the time, followed with the most impressive dive of the day.

Dana was already world champion high dive. He used his skills to his advantage to complete this insane and incredibly difficult dive in terms of execution. 

After Dana’s dive, things took a turn when Pat Picard attempted the final dive of the event.

Unfortunately, it did not go well. It’s hard to watch, but you can see for yourself here around the 26 minute mark:

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