Why Did They Change the Original “Hollywood” Sign?

Did you know the iconic "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles originally read “Hollywood Land?” Find out why the sign was changed!
hollywood land sign

Everyone knows the iconic “Hollywood” sign resting on the Hollywood mountains in Los Angeles, California as a hopeful, guiding light for those seeking success, fame and fortune. But just like everything (or rather everyone) in Hollywood – it’s had some tune ups and rebranding over the years. Most shocking, the sign originally read “Hollywood Land!” So why did they change the name? And what nicknames came out of the Hollywood sign’s original name?

A-listers and rising stars have long gravitated toward the alluring lights of Hollywood. And one of the most iconic and recognizable features of this town is the “Hollywood” sign, letting everyone know you have entered the land of talent and endless dreams. 

“Hollywood Land”: An Origin Story

When the sign was first put up in 1923, almost 100 years ago, it originally read “HollywoodLand.” Interestingly enough, the sign was intended to be an advertisement for real estate investors and was only meant to be up for 18 months.

It wasn’t until 1949 when the last four letters, “land,” were torn down to reflect the Hollywood area we all know and love – not just represent the one housing development. Now, the sign just reads “Hollywood.”

It’s interesting to see how something as iconic as that sign has been through so many transitions throughout the years. Nowadays, we can’t even imagine that sign reading “Hollywood Land.” This is probably the same way people back in the 1920s couldn’t imagine the last four letters being torn down.

It’s always fascinating to see the roots and background of landmarks. It reminds us that things evolve to fit the times and also opens our eyes to look back in history to see what other iconic landmarks, figures, and things have changed to being what we all know and love today.

Check out the full timeline and history of the Hollywood sign here!

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