King Henry VIII’s Armor Had BDE

King Henry VIII Armor Codpiece

Did King Henry VIII have the original BDE?

Everyone associates BDE (known as Big 🍆 Energy) with actor and comedian Pete Davidson. But, the origins of boasting about your manhood can be traced back to the 16th century. Mores specifically, they trace back to King Henry VIII and his design choices for his knight armor

Why Was King Henry’s Armor Like *Cough* That?

King Henry VIII’s suit of armor was designed to protect him and shield him from injury. But, the specific design choices they made around his codpiece feel more like he’s trying to show off an asset rather than protect it. It’s an unnecessary overcompensation, but it is hilarious that he made the designer incorporate such an exaggerated piece of armor. Maybe it was an attack strategy to distract his opponents or a peacocking method to attract the attention of women. Either way, this is one of oddest and funniest pieces of armor we’ve ever seen. 

More About the Armor’s Design

This codpiece weighed in at 2 and half pounds. Not only did the King parade around with this armor on for everyone to see, but he made sure that his enlarged piece would go down in history. When posing for a lot of paintings and self-portraits, Henry ensured his codpiece was worn and fully depicted. Sounds like a medieval times version of posting a thirst trap. 

How Did the Ladies React To His “Codpiece”?

Basically, he was was a 16th century sex symbol. Countless women lined up to impress him and hopefully become his wife. They would even stick their pins in the velvet lining of the codpiece to warn off other women, while also hoping to improve their chances of getting pregnant and promote fertility.

When historians discuss his choice of armor around that particular area of his body, they compared the eye-catching codpiece to “a permanent erection.” They also said that the design was “so voluminous it could serve as a pocket.” 

So, Was the “Codpiece” Successful?

But, the codpiece proved to work wonders with the ladies. King Henry ended up having six wives. And while he made sure that his asset was on full display for the world to see – and gawk at – he did struggle to do the one thing he was advertising: Produce many heirs to the throne. 

He had quite a few children, but many did not make it past infancy. Only three of them were claimed as legitimate. His only son, Henry VI, was born in October 1537 before dying at just the age of 15. King Henry had two daughters. Mary I, born in February 1516, was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” and died at the age of 42. His other daughter, Elizabeth I, was nicknamed the “Virgin Queen” and died at the age of 69.

Here’s Where You Can See the Armor In Person

Don’t believe the pictures? See it for yourself! Take a trip to the Tower of London, where King Henry VIII’s full 1540 armor is on display. And you can catch a glimpse at that two pound codpiece in all its glory. 

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While many people may associate King Henry VIII for a variety of things – from establishing the Church of England to his six wives and 6 failed marriages – this suit of armor made him well-known in history for having a long…..sword.

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